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OUTERPLUS TWIN exit exhaust muffler for S2 Exige w/ 2ZZ

¥301,000 ¥225,750



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301,000JPY(ex VAT) → 225,750JPY(ex VAT)

※Designated catalyzer must be used to install the TWIN exit muffler

In order to extract more power, we need to develop new catalyzer only for TWIN exit muffler, so we did.

Material: Stainless steel
Weight: 10.8kg(Normal muffler Elise 13.8kg, Exige 14.5kg)

150,500JPY(ex VAT)
(Price is not included designated catalyzer)
Catalyzer price: 150,500JPY (ex VAT)

<Applicable model>
2Eleven, S2 Elise, Exige, ExigeS, S3 EliseR *Only for 2ZZ engine

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w/ catalyzer, w/o catalyzer