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Steering Boss short type with Airbag canceller & spacer for LOTUS Elise/Exige


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【Model】 All model with or without Airbag

【Applicable steering】 MOMO/OMP/SPARCO  6hole boss
PLease ask whether your steering can be fitted or not
Pattern A 15mm thickness 17,000JPY (ex VAT)
Pattern AA 20mm thickness 18,000JPY (ex VAT)
Pattern B 45mm thickness 25,000JPY (ex VAT)
Pattern C 55mm thickness 29,000JPY (ex VAT)
Pattern D 85mm thickness 39,500JPY (ex VAT)

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Pattern A 15mm thickness, Pattern AA 20mm thickness, Pattern B 45mm thickness, Pattern C 55mm thickness, Pattern D 85mm thickness