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Komo-Tec Close ratio final drive 4,93:1 (1ZR&2ZR/EC60) for S3 Elise


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Product information “Close ratio final drive 4,93:1 (ZR/EC60)”

Short ratio Cwp for Lotus Elise Sport 136/220/250/Cup

1ZR- or 2ZR-Powertrain with EC60-Gearbox


The Elise of the 3 generation captivates with a balanced engine and sporty driving performance, unfortunately the gear ratio is extremely long. In order not to change the whole transmission gears, we  get the final gear ratio swapped (crownwheel/pinion) so that all 6 gears become shorter, the dynamics of the car do very well. The standard gear ratio is 4.29: 1 and the optimized gear ratio is 4.93: 1

This conversion can optionally be combined with one of our limited slip differentials.

Ideal for sporty use or track day use.

The gear box has to be dismantelled and opened. A gear diagram is attached for illustrative purposes.

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