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Elise R Phase “KT Work280”: power increase approx. 90Hp/65Nm


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Product information “Elise R Phase “KT Work280″: power increase approx. 90Hp/65Nm”

Power Upgrade “KT Work280”

Fits to Elise 111R / R, Exige (natural aspirated), *Elise SC (hereby the MP45-charger remains!)

  • Performance Data “KT Work280”: approx. 280 HP / 245 Nm
  • Technical Data “Elise 111R / Exige”: approx. 192 HP / 181 Nm (Factory Spec)
  • Technical Data “Elise SC”: approx. 220 HP / 410 Nm (Factory Spec)

Based on many years of experience with supercharged Toyota 2ZZ-GE engines, we were able to implement the original Lotus factory charger from the Exige S to the Elise 111R/R. For reasons of thermal relief, we made a conscious decision to use a water-cooled aluminum intercooler as well as the effective aluminum heat exchanger in the front of the vehicle, which has already proven itself in our Exige S kits. Everything has been optimized so that it fits into the Elise without any modifications to the vehicle.

In contrast to our competitors in the market, we have – in addition to the installation concept in the usual Komo-Tec quality – placed our main focus on perfect ECU-mapping (E-Throttle MY06.2 onwards*). Thanks to our know-how about the Exige S280 kit, we were able to achieve an output of around 283 hp. This impressive result is based on the fact that our KT280 Works-Kit also contains a special airbox, a HJS 200cpsi sports catalyst and enlarged fuel injectors in addition to the mapping already mentioned. In particular, the injectors are an in-house development and not the ones of the Exige S. So the costly replacement of the standard fuel pump is not necessary anymore.

The Work280-Kit achieves maximum performance between 7300 and 8400 rpm and is therefore predestined for ambitious use on the racetracks. This concept is primarily aimed at purely performance-oriented customers. The background noise is just as acceptable for the sporty road- and everyday-driver as it is for the track day pilot.

Main advantages:

  • very good price-performance ratio
  • more torque (+64 Nm) and power (+90 hp) compared to the standard Elise (n/a)

Upgrade-Kit “KT Work280” consisting of:

  • Eaton MP62 Supercharger
  • Charger bracket and drive belt
  • “S” Intake-Manifold
  • KT downpipe with optimized diameter including 200cpsi-HJS-Sportscatalyst
  • TRD sports airbox
  • KT special fuel injectors
  • Water-to-air Chargecooler-System (consisting of: water-cooled aluminum cooler engine-side, aluminum heat exchanger cooler front-side, electric high-performance water pump, water hoses and pipes)
  • Optimization of the DExKT280 ECU-Software (ignition and injection maps and camshaft phase adjustment)

The price also includes assembly and a dyno-run with a performance sheet.