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OUTERPLUS Rdd Floating 2piece Rotor for LOTUS Elise/Exige


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The best performance brake rotor for Lotus.
RDD brake rotor contribute tremendous achievement by OUTER PLUS demo car.

Floating mount, which stops the rotor from warping under extreme heat due to different expansion rates of the metals. The design also saves weight.
High carbon steel rotor (carbon contain more than 35%) fitted with aluminum hub
Exclusively designed for Lotus

<Rr BIG rotor>
We are glad to offer 308φbrake rotor with caliper bracket for Rr and very easy installation, simply replace from normal parts.

Rdd Fr:  305φ 5.1Kg / Normal Fr  288φ 6.1Kg
Rdd Rr:  308φ 4.9Kg / Normal Rr  288φ 6.1Kg
Rdd Rr: 288φ 4.48kg

Fr           305φ / ¥87,000/piece (w/o VAT)
Rr     288φ / ¥82,000/piece (w/o VAT)
Rr BIG  308φ / ¥83,000/piece ※308φ caliper bracket ¥42,000 (w/o VAT)

V6 Fr    340φ ¥109,000/piece (w/o VAT)
V6 Rr    340φ  ¥119,000/piece  (w/o VAT)
※Price is per piece.

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V6 Rr 340φ, V6 Fr 340φ, Fr 305φ, Rr288φ, Rr 308φ, Hub carrier for Rr308φ